29 June 2010

my love

alaamAleykum WR & WB

When we call our love,

Arabic; 7abiby, hayatiy, 3yuniy, galbiy, helwa, hebtolla.
English; darling, honey, sweetheart, my love, sweetie....

a lot of words...but
why arent there in Japanese? only call name??
I like to be called "hayatiy" and "hebtolla".

May Allah shower.....with countless blessings may our dreams come true may this year be amazing for us & you :)

with warm regards and best wishes

14 June 2010

World Cup nenu?

SalaamAleykum WR & WB

in tribute to the world cup!?
I got recipes for local dishes(?) for South Africa : )

Avocado & Cheese Savoury on Toast

Spinach Grapefruit Salad
nice color & nice tast orange juice dressing

Yellow Rice with Lemon Zest & Raisins
sweet-tasting rice... uncanny feeling
but this rice pair perfectly with Peri Peri Chicken ♪

Peri Peri African Chicken
hot & spicy chicken recipe X)
Peri Peri sauce  tooooo hot!!

The teacher's Note;
"This recipe leaves you with quite a garlic taste, kissing partners or family and friends be warned!"
she is lovely =)

PS. Congratulations JAPAN !

with warm regards and best wishes

01 June 2010

end of spring...

alaamAleykum WR & WB

Just now....the rainy season, known as Tsuyu in Japan, has begun...
I stayed in Japan at the end of spring.

as a bonus

with warm regards and best wishes


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