23 September 2010

Happy Birthday SaudiArabia !

SalaamAleykum WR & WB

Happy Birthday Saudi Arabia.

Thursday the 23rd of September is Saudi Arabia National Day.

google logo of SaudiArabia's National day : )

with warm regards and best wishes

22 September 2010

harvest moon

SalaamAleykum WR & WB

Today .... *Harvest Moon* in Japan.....

The harvest moon is one of the most beautiful of the year. It is customary to watch the moon....say "Otsukimi" or "Chushu-no-meigetsu" in Japanese.
In the night of the 15th of Septembert is revel as having the most beautiful night sky of the whole year. (The date is different every year because it is based on the lunar calendar). This custom crossed to Japan from China.

Japanese people in the old days thought that a giant rabbit live in the moon, beating soft rice cake "o-mochi" "o-dango".


On both the 15th of September and the 13th of October,

we offer seven kinds of autumn weeds, Eupatorium, Ominaeshi, Ivy, Bush clover, Chinese bellflower, Pink and Arista.
Japanese people in the old days...pray for the productiveness of grain....

Of course ! I like the landscape "masjid o qamar"
Jumeirah Mosque @ postcard

with warm regards and best wishes

16 September 2010


SalaamAleykum WR & WB

photos from a guidebook of Bahrain.
I like this guidebook :D

with warm regards and best wishes

11 September 2010


SalaamAleykum WR & WB

inshalla, I'm going to be up for fasting 6 days of shawal...

I'm a Muslim convert. It has been only a short time since I converted.
So my Islamic knowledge is poor....as much as children or babies.
I'll try hard to study *Islam* and *Arabic*

This books are middle school islamic textbooks in SaudiArabia.

with warm regards and best wishes

09 September 2010

3iedkom mbarak !

Ramadan is officially over...

كل عام و أنتم بخير عيد مبارك عليكم و تقبل الله طاعتكم

It was really nice to share this ramadaan with u all.
And share this happy moment with everyone.

02 September 2010


SalaamAleykum WR & WB

Are you waiting for Iftar?

Just wait a little while longer : )

with warm regards and best wishes


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